Estate Planning In Las Vegas

Proper Estate Planning is an essential tool to protect your family’s estate from complications and possible litigation.

Peace of mind comes from knowing your loved ones are taken care of. Contact an expert Probate Attorney and a law firm that specializes in Probate & Estate Planning.

Attorney George D.Greenberg  has assisted Las Vegas families plan their estates for over two decades and have the necessary experience to ensure that your assets are protected and distributed as per your wishes.

Estate Planning ensures that in the event of injury, illness, incapacity, or death, your finances, assets and personal care will be handled in exactly the way you have chosen.

It is imperative that the correct legal documents are prepared properly to assure your estate is distributed per your intent and to avoid probate.


George D. Greenberg has prepared Estate Planning documents for over 20 years for thousands of Las Vegas families and can help you determine the following:

  • Estate planning Documents    Who will make your healthcare decisions, if you cannot make them for yourself?
  •     Who will pay your bills or mortgage if you are unable to do so?
  •     Should you die, who do you wish to watch over your minor children? Your pets?
  •     If you are involved in a terrible accident, would you want to be kept alive by machines and feeding tubes?
  •     If you become hospitalized, will your partner be allowed visitation?
  •     Who do you want (or not want) to receive your personal property when you die?


The Law Offices Of George D. Greenberg, offers experienced Las Vegas, Nevada attorneys who assess each unique situation and prepare the proper Estate Planning documents for each client’s specific needs. Our knowledgeable attorneys prepare estate planning documents and our services include the witnesses and notary services required by Nevada State Law.

Don’t let the law determine who receives your assets once you pass away. Wills and Trusts are instruments that allow you to determine to whom your assets will be distributed. Would you want to leave your estate to one person? To several people? To religious organizations or your favorite charities? Whether a specific item, a dollar amount, or a percentage that you want to leave family, friends, charities or partners, George D. Greenberg of Greenberg & Nguyen in Las Vegas, Nevada can assist in the preparation of your Will of Trust package.


Each estate is unique. Different Estate Planning documents are needed.
We’ll assist you in determining which estate planning documents are right for you based on your unique estate planning needs.  Some of the most common documents we provide are:

  •     Trust
  •     Will
  •     Financial Power of Attorney
  •     Healthcare Power of Attorney
  •     Pour Over Wilt
  •     Assignment of Personal Property & Desired Distribution
  •     Declaration of Homestead
  •     Revocations and Restatements
  •     Quitclaim Deeds
  •     Beneficiary Deeds



 Executor of an Estate

You have been named an Executor of an Estate, or a Successor Trustee of a Trust. You’re grieving over the loss of your loved one or friend, and now the burden of managing their estate rests upon your shoulders.

  •     What are you supposed to do?
  •     How are you supposed to do it?
  •     Are you personally responsible for the decedent’s bills?
  •     Can creditors come after you if a mistake is made?
  •     How do you protect yourself?
  •     What if everyone is fighting?
  •     Who do you have to pay?
  •     How do you dispute an estate?
  •     How is title changed on a property?
  •     Do you have to pay recording costs?
  •     Can you be paid for your services?
  • What do you do with your current bills?
  • How do you open the safe deposit box?


Serving Las Vegas for 20 years, George D. Greenberg provides services to Executors and Successor Trustees.

Our Firm can obtain a court order to open a safe deposit box in a relatively short time and will instruct you in all aspects of estate closure. We will show you how to obtain EIN numbers and create documents needed to protect you and the estate. Why struggle? See Attorney George D. Greenberg in Las Vegas, Nevada and permit us to help you close your estate. With 20 years experience as a Las Vegas, Nevada Probate and Estate Planning Attorney, George D. Greenberg’s “Trustee Package” is an invaluable tool that every Successor Trustee should utilize.


Trustee and Executor Services

George D. Greenberg, has served Las Vegas, Nevada clients for 20 years. Mr. Greenberg, an experienced Estate Planning and Probate attorney, also provides Trustee and Executor services.

If and when the creator of a Trust or Will is unable to name a Successor Trustee or Executor, Attorney George D. Greenberg may resolve that issue by accepting the responsibility of Successor Trustee.

If someone created a Trust or Will and the named Successor Trustee or Executor declined the nomination, or is no longer living, George D. Greenberg can help. Many times, if properly funded and non-contested, George D. Greenberg may distribute or administer an Estate without it being probated. However, in those cases that do require Probate, Attorney Greenberg is extensively familiar with the Probate Court of Las Vegas, Nevada, and is qualified to administer or act as your Trustee or Executor.

Attorney Greenberg has facilitated distributions of large and small estates, acting as Administrator, Executor, and/or Trustee. Attorney George D. Greenberg is caring – he never forgets that his clients are people, not numbers. Mr. Greenberg treats his clients with the same respect and caring that he would expect, if the roles were reversed.